Monday, February 6, 2012

My Favourite Tamil Songs - Part 1

(1) Song: Nenjukkul Peidhidum
      Movie: Vaaranam Aayiram
      Singer: Hariharan

Lyrics along with Emglish meaning of Nenjukkul peidhidum from Vaaranam Aayiram

Nenjukkul peidhidum maa mazhai
Neerukul moozhgidum thaamarai
Sattendru maarudhu vaanilai
Penne un mel pizhai

I feel the rain in my heart
Lotus is sinking in the water
Sudden change in climate
Girl, fault is on your side

Nillamal veesidum peralai
Nenjukkul neenthidum tharagai
Pon vannam soodiya kaarigai
Penne nee kaanchanai

huge Waves never stop
You swim in my heart girl
You shine like a golden beauty
girl, you are daughter of kasi

Oh shaanti shaanti oh shaanti
Yen uyirai uyirai neeyenthi
Yen sendrai sendrai yennai thaandi
Ini neethan yenthan andhathi

oh shaanti, you carried my life
why did you go after me
you are my chapter hereafter

Nenjukkul peidhidum maa mazhai
Neerukul moozhgidum thaamarai
Sattendru maarudhu vaanilai
Penne un mel pizhai

Yedho ondru ennai eerka
Mookin nuni marmam serka
Kalla-thanam yedhum illa
Punnagaiyo boganvilla

Something attracted me
you add mystery in nose tip
Your natural smile is like boganvilla

Nee nindra idam endral Vilai yeri pogadho
Nee sellum vazhi ellam panikatti aahadho
Yennodu vaa veedu varaikkum
Yen veetai paar yennai pidikkum

The place you stood can fetch more price
The path you take can become ice bars
come with me to visit my home
you see my home and will start liking me too !

Ival yaaro yaaro theriyadhey
Ival pinnal nenje pogadhey
Idhu poyyo meyyo theriyadhey
Ival pinnal nenje pogadhey

I dont know who she is
my heart, dont follow this girl
cant make it whether this is true or false
my heart, dont follow this girl

Nenjukkul peidhidum maa mazhai
Neerukul moozhgidum thaamarai
Sattendru maarudhu vaanilai
Penne un mel pizhai.. oh.o.

Nillamal veesidum peralai
Nenjukkul neenthidum tharagai
Pon vannam soodiya kaarigai
Penne nee kaanchanai

Thookangalai thooki sendrai
Yekkangalai thoovi sendrai
Unnai thaandi pogum podhu
Veesum kaatrin veechu veru

You took my sleep away
You made to long for you
When i cross you
I can feel the air is different

Nil endru nee sonnal en kaalam nagaradhey
Nee soodum poovellam oru podhum udhiradhey
Kadhal enai ketka villa
Ketkathadhu kadhal illa

If you say stop, my time doesnt move
the flower which you put on your hair never falls down
love never asked me before entering me
if one doesnt propose, that is not love
Yen jeevan jeevan neethaney
Yena thondrum neram idhuthane
Nee illai illai yendrale
Yen nenjam nenjam thaangadhey
You are my life
i felt that at this very moment
if you refuse
i cant bear it at all


(2) Song: Munbe Vaa
     Movie: Sillunu Oru Kadhal
     Singer: Shreya Ghosal and Naresh Iyer

Munbe vaa en anbe vaa

(Oh my love, come infront of me)
oone va uyire va
(My soul; My life)

Munbe vaa en anbe vaa
(Oh my love, come infront of me)
poo poovai poopom vaa
(Let's blossom like flowers)

Naan naana kaytane ennai naane
(I asked myself where I'm)
naan.... neeya, nenjam sonnathey..
(My heart says that I'm you)

Rango rangoli
kollangal nee potal
kollam potava kaigal
vallayal sattham
(If you start designing rangoli, we are listening to your bangle sounds)

Jal jal....

Rango rangoli
kollangal nee potal
kollam potava kaigal vazhi
(Let the hands design rangoli live long)

Sundara maligai sandhana maligai
sithira punagai vannam enna?!
(What's the color of the smile of this lovely jasmine girl?)

Poovaithai poovaithai
nee poovai-kor poovaithai
mana poovaithu poovaitha
poovaikul thee vaithai
(You composed the flowers and added fire while gifting them to me)

nee nee malaiyil aada
naan naan naan nanainthen vada
en nalathil un ratham nadikul un satham
(You're dancing under rain; Your blood is runnning in my veins and sounds of my pulses are yours; My life)

Thozhil oru sila naazhi
thaniyena aa-naal tharaiyinil meen mmm....
(I alone will be in your shoulders in a few days)

Nilavidam vadagai vaangi
vizhi veetinil kudi vaikalama
naan vazhum veetukul
verarum vanthaley
(Don't rent your eyes to moon; Is it right to let others into our home?)

Then malai thaykathu nee thaan
unthan thozhgalil idam tharalama
naan saayum tholmel verorum saainthaley...
(I want to lay on your teak shoulders; Is it right to lend your shoulders for others to lay?)

Neerum sengula cherum
kalanthathu poley kalanthavar yaar...?
(We're mixed like clay and water)


3) Song: Vaseegara
    Movie: Minnale
    Singer: Bombay Jayashree

Vaseegara en nenjinikka un ponmadiyil thoonginaal podhum

(Captivator, it is enough to sleep on your lap for my heart to smile)

Adhey ganam en kannuranga mun jenmangalin yaekkangal theerum
(At the same time, as my eye rests the longings on previous lifes will be satisfied.)

Naan naesippadhum swasippadhum un dhayavaal thaane
(Only because of you do I love and breath)

Yaengukiraen thoongukiraen un ninaivaal naanethaan
(I am longing and sleeping in your memories)

Adai mazhai varum adhil nanaivoame
kulir kaichaloadu neram
oru poarvaikkul siru thookkam
(The rain will fall heavily and we will get wet in it. With cold and fever in one blanket a little nap)

kulu kulu poigal solli ennai velvaai
adhu therindhum kooda anbe
manam adhaiye thaan edhirpaarkkum
(With little lies you will win me
and knowing that dear, my heart will expect that

Engaeyum poagaamal
thinam veettilaeye nee vaendum
(Without going anywhere (I) want you at home always)
sila samayam vilayaattai
un aadaikkulley naan vaendum
(Sometimes playfully I have to be in your dress)

Dhinamum nee kulithenai thaedi
en saelai nuniyaal undhan
thalai thudaippaaye adhu kavidhai
(Everyday after bathing you will search for me and towel your hair usinging my sari edge, that's poetry)

Thirudan poal padhungiye thideerendru
pinnaal vandhu ennai
nee anaippaaye adhu kavidhai
(Like a thief, you will come up behind me suddenly and embrace me, that's poetry)

Yaaraenum mani kaettaal
adhai solla kooda theriyaadhey
(If anyone asks for time, I can't even say that..)

Kaadhalenum mudiveliyil
kadigaaram neram kidaiyaadhey
(In Love, there is no time...)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pattinson: Future McGrath

James Pattinson has definitely been the find for Australia this Summer. Tall, Lean, with a high arm action he definitely has all the ingredients to be a great fast bowler. As I watched the Melbourne Test unfold, I realized that he shares an uncanny resemblance with a certain Glenn McGrath. What attracted me initially was the feisty nature of Pattinson. He shared more than just a cricketing duel with Sehwag and was constantly trying to get under his skin. Sehwag is usually not someone who reacts but he did show his displeasure. This incident reminded me of how McGrath used to mock opposition batsman by swinging his hands and showing how the shot ought to be played. McGrath used to always target the big guns like Lara and Sachin, something which Pattison shares. There were a few moments where he even stared at Tendulkar. A mortal staring at Zeus, not a wise thing to do.

Pattinson has started his career 2 years before Glenn did. He has a head start with respect to age. The best thing about that is he has time to learn and grow and given the bowling crisis that Australia is facing, he would receive more opportunities to shine given his talent.

McGrath was well known for his clean and calm run up to the crease, a silent leopard. He didn’t have a pronounced jump but bowled very close to the stumps, sometimes knocking the bails on the way. On the contrary you would see a more hustling run up from Pattinson, a big jump at the crease followed by a high release which allows him to generate exaggerated bounce. This bounce, on two separate occasions troubled Tendulkar who tried to leave the balls. Bounce was something which McGrath too generated with ease; his was with a more pronounced seam.

The common factor between them is the ability to bowl the balls in the right areas consistently. Although he is still young, Pattinson has already realized the benefits of putting the ball in the right areas rather than trying to bowl too quick. He can only get better.

What Pattinson now needs is a hunting partner. Starc or Cummins are the two possibilities. Whoever it turns out, Australia's fast bowling traditions are in safe hands.