Monday, December 20, 2010

Stupid MBA

I rarely regret about what I have done in life but MBA at VGSOM is something which will always haunt me. People usually like to go for a better brand in their PG to remove the stains of Engineering but I have done the reverse. After graduating from probably the best Engineering College in the country, I chose to come to VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur. It has been a downhill ride ever since and a few mistakes from me have cost me a lot. No mistake is too small to ruin your life, beautifully suggested by the M Seal Advertisement. Life had been kind to me after my Engineering, by getting me a job with Nokia Siemens Networks, one of the top Telecom Equipment Providers. I chose not to take it up because of my fear of Programming and Software. Even my stint with Oracle did nothing to alleviate those fears. I thought I had done a pretty good job at Oracle, they were even ready to offer me a job but I thought IIT Kharagpur was not something I should let go. People tell me everything happens for your own good but I fail to see any. Maybe the wait is longer and more painful than what I have endured till now but the only thing I can do is to live in hope that one day I would see the shore and that the tides would turn in my favour. Oh God, give me something here that I can look back to and feel proud of else I wouldn't be doing justice to this great Institute.

Below are some random feelings in no specific order which I feel about an MBA.

(1) Don't think about specializations in an MBA. Everyone wants the best job and money is all that matters.

(2) Don't join MBA in a hurry. Think of all possibilities and don't regret later.

(3) Knowing too much about something won't help, know a little about everything and fill the rest with crap. It always works.

(4) Enjoy as much as you can, cause you will regret later.

(5) Helping people once in a while is fine. Be as selfish as you can.

(6) Don't make any new friends, just network. You would only be an option to many people and not a priority. Never trust people on face value.

(7) Don't Study too much for an exam. It doesn't help. Only copying does. Invigilators only come to have coffee and biscuits.

(8) MBA teaches you only one thing, the only people you should care about are your family members and a few close friends. To Hell with everyone else.

(9) Never take any compliment seriously. It is just to use you for their selfish purposes.

(10) You enter a B-School with more knowledge than you leave with. The gap is filled with crap and attitude.

(11) The only thing which will take you places is Dishonesty supported by Lies but portrayed by a straight face. Confidence, Knowledge, Skills, Tools are all just big words to throw in the interview.

(12) You pay high fees to learn how to present crap in a dignified way in order to fool people. You don't learn anything in an MBA, its just a medium to take you to a place where you always wanted to go.

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