Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thoughts on Traffic

India should seriously think about stopping vehicle registrations. It has worked in a few places in the world. Our country might be doing well in terms of growth and all but the infrastructure is way behind. So give the Infrastructure time to catch up and then allow the vehicle population to expand again.

Charge high registration fees. This will prevent people from buying vehicles and would make more people use public transport. The high fees can also provide the required money for improving public infrastructure.

Stop selling 2 wheelers in India. They are the biggest traffic nuisance as they squeeze in and out from no where and rarely adher to traffic rules. They are also the reason for many accidents and for large scale underage driving.

Charge High parking fees in the city. This will prevent people from taking their cars out for every small thing. I have seen people going in a car to the nearby kirana shop or supermarket. It’s a colossal waste of resources especially petrol.

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