Friday, August 19, 2011

Chaos over nothing?

Why all this fuss about a JanLokpal Bill? We already have enough bills and laws to protect us. The problem isnt the system completely, its us. Cmon people smell the coffee. If you are so against corruption then don’t show it by wearing T shirts or badges which say “India against corruption” or for that matter “I love Anna Hazare”. Start by doing small things. For example, next time don’t bribe the police guy, or learn stand in a line to submit forms in a government office. These small but effective changes if implemented by the citizens would be more effective than another bill. In India it’s the middle class that has to rise to the occasion. They are the ones who suffer the most and have the ability to change the system. The poor will continue to be oppressed and its easy for the political class to convince them by showering them with money. The rich don’t care about the government and who runs it as they are friends with everyone. This leaves the middle class with powers which are unknown to them. This power is enough to cause a change in the way India thinks and the way it runs. If every middle class Indian did simple things right, there would be no corruption in this country, no dishonest officials and no more fasts. Let this decade be the rise of the middle class, an honest uprising where we stick to the ideals which make this country great and a nation that we are proud of.

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